Software Update Available For Sidekick 4G Owners, Bug Fixes Within

T-Mobile Sidekick 4G owners have been waking up for the past few days to an alert to a software maintenance update that fixes bugs. The update began going out sometime overnight on July 21st and will be delivered in waves over the next few days. This is NOT an Android update to Gingerbread sadly but a maintenance update which will squash some bugs and provide enhancements based on customer feedback. You should accept this update because T-Mobile says it will “improve your experience with the device.”


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  • Jake martinez

    constantly restarts or wont access at all
    exits out of apps when im halfway using them
    wont work when i use the touch screen at some, i mean most of the time
    uncontrollable bugs
    i mean my friend dropped his yet his still works like its brand new, wth
    im a highschooler, and the one with onfo about homework when people need and more, i need a fone that can keep up with out failing, personaly, i regrett this gift some, or most of the time
    either fix or youre gona lose alot of customers

    • Adam

      I’m sorry, first of all learn how to use grammar correctly. Second of all oh no your in high school you need to have a phone that keep up? Dude shut up and get a bigger memory card. Your holding a miniature computer in your hand with a 2 GB memory… and how many texts/contacts/apps do you have on your phone? Yeah it will freeze and glitch until you expand memory. Now for the spelling fixes in your shitty complaint. 

      *exits out of apps when I’m IN THE MIDDLE of using them*
      Ok, next one isn’t a spelling or grammar error its just you being dumb. Dropping your phone doesn’t mean it automatically breaks… just an fyi. 
      already pointed out that your high school comment was retarded…. oh my favorite line!!!
      *phone* “keep up without failing” doesn’t grammatically make sense your grammar is just shit. and I’m pretty sure a second grader can spell regret correctly.(and you also have spell check on the computer) If you wanted that last sentence to make sense or even be readable it would have to be written something like this: “I need a phone that can function when I need and want it to. (notice the period here, it expresses that you have completed a thought and keeps you from making a dumb mistake like writing a run-on sentence on a public area) Personally, I regret this gift most of the time, (some, or most… that just doesn’t make sense your contradicting yourself and making yourself sound ignorant) and I think that you should work on fixing these problems (as stated before to fix it get a bigger memory card) or you will lose a lot of customers (notice the spelling/grammar errors I fixed here youre is a conjunction and should be written as you’re, gonna isn’t even a real word… slang makes you sound stupid… plus the fact that you spelled a slang word wrong makes you sound even dumber. I’m sorry if I sound like a grammar nazi, however after reading this review… I either had to do this, or slaughter a litter of kittens.

      • Samantha

        It’s funny how the person trying to correct grammar uses the wrong form of your. I hate when people can’t spell or form sentences just as much as you, but if you’re going to go around and try to be a grammar troll, check yours first.

      • Thelivesayfam

        Who cares if the person doesn’t use proper English? They have a legitimate complaint about a phone, that is what this forum is for, not to to correct each other’s grammar so you can feel better about yourself. If you want tobe able to do that go become a teacher and make students feel stupid because apparently that makes you feel better.

      • Ateteezgirl

        That was hilarious! Touche

      • Moneyisthemotiveinc

        Really? All of this just to correct someone? That’s pretty high school if you ask me. You must have nothing better to do, and being the fact you pointed out his computer has spell check ( which I’m sure you wouldn’t know for a fact ) spell check is most likely what made you actually sound somewhat intelligent. Sorry sweetie but only a real dumb ass would write that much just to correct some one. Any spelling or grammar errors in this wise guy?

  • Mike laurel

    I mean none of these updates, threads, patches, or ect. work
    sidekick 4g? well its sidekick, 4get it

  • Lora_humphreys

    I have had this phone since it has came out id be damned if it worked good til my days was up to return it half the time it won’t work moves by it self does everything by its self sometimes more often then most I can’t even use it.. I try to update but it says no firmware I payed full price for this phone and it has been the worse investment ever. I hate its a piece of shit!

  • Carlsjr007

    When this update came out it completly messed up my phone and a few weeks of suffering and hoping it would fix i found out a way to make it go back to normal. Just go to youtube and type “how to ODIN sidekick 4g”. It pretty much erases the update and all your apps but its worth it. And you can even go back to how it was after the update. It was so annoying having to restart my phone every single day and this stopped it :D

  • Gmbler212

    I’ve read through most of the posts here and I can truly say I have all the problems mentioned here…freezing, lagging, screen moving on its own, viewing messages then just returns to home screen, ghost touching a point on the screen where it starts selecting touches so on and do forth…this is bxll shxt! Got a update 2 days ago and kI have to pull the battery out more than ever! Come onT mobile WTF! Sidekick 4g

  • Bmxguy

    When i first got the phone, it worked amazingly, i thought the phone was perfect, then i updated it, and i cant even use it anymore. Completly froze the phone, screen wont turn on for at least 10 minutes, when it DOES come on (hardly ever happens now) it takes so long to send a text or call someone. And now, the touch screen wont work. Wish i never did that update…

  • Rjbollwegphd

    I hate this fking sidekick4g… totally pos! Tmoblie tech support are no better solving this ongoing problems with phone freezing up and battery pull out to reset it DAILY!… will break my contract without paying as they did NOT provided the service that I’m paying for…

  • Elpablon702

    Yeah I’m having a lot of these problems….. I think they should fix it soon or give the people back there money…We should keep pressuring tmobile

  • MA2kjR

    yea im having the same problems!! IT SUCKS!
    the side kick is my favorite phone ..but the sidekick4g has too many problems and it laaaaggggssss……!

  • Brettbeneda

    Okay I have spent about an hour or so reading these, I have had lag and reboot issues, force closes. No ghost touches or random calls, just lag and freezes, its functional just irritating. Sorry peeps. I have froyo but not experiencing the same problems.

  • Headswillroll17

    so can i like  get a new phone? i downloaded the update as tech support suggested and it still sucks and messes up!!! Boo TMOBILE BOO!!! Obliviously Samsung can NOT make good touch screen phones, the sharp sidekick and motorolla sidekick were way better so if yall are thinking of making a 2012 sidkeick Id go with one of those brands, I think Nokia could make a pretty B.A. sidekick as well. Samsung sucks, This phone feels and works cheaply, unlike my monthly phone bill I’m paying for a phone that doesnt even work… that not cool so hook me up with a better phone. ALL IVE SEEN IS BAD REVIEWS SO GIVE US ALL WORKING PHONES BEFORE THERE IS SOME TYPE OF LAWSUIT.
    My email is (you can send me info about the new phone I shall receive)

  • tes

    Same annoying problem.. this issue needs to be fixed!!!

  • Pearlbeserra

    My Sidekick 4g sucks!! I hate it with a passion! i paid so much for my phone & for what for it to go slow and lags & it always deletes my numbers when i turn on my wifi. i don;t think ANYONE should WASTE there MONEY on this phone! Not Worth it. My touch screen doesn’t always work only when t feels like it & taking pictures on it sucks as well! Bad Phone Bad Phone! & T-Mobile Sucks by the way i rather go back to Verizon Or At&t!



    where can i get the software update if I’m no longer a tmobile customer? my sidekick is unlocked

  • Kevin367

    This phone is horrible especially for the money they charged for it. Had it less then a year and already the speakers dont work, if i unlock it a certain way it calls one of my contacts and the touch screen doesnt even work most of the time. Do not purchase this phone it’s horrible, such a let down.

  • Isiahmkelly

    Where do you go to get the update?

  • vondelle

    This phone is bullshit do getting a new phone for my bday next month

  • Breemorawz

    My phone lags… Wont recieve pictures… :// wtf i love this phone!! Fix it!!!

  • sdbfibfskjhbfhusbfksjbf

    My side kick 4g LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGS it does alot of ghost things and it freezes way too much, I wish i hadnt got this phone. I’m going to iphone

  • Zelly

    Gawwwwd. I really wish I checked out these reviews for the sidekick before i got it -_____-.
    Basically same problems with it, lags like hell, force closes almost anything i on the phone like dialer, messages, web, games EVERYTHING. Ahem, i been trying to root it but apparently gingerbreak and z4 apps and other similar ones do not root, in other words i need a computer. Without being rooted this P O S phone isn’t worth a damn penny nor worth the bill including data blah blah blah.

    Pros :Looks real nice, hella built in memory, its got flash player which is nice, the OS would have been nice if it actually function the way it should
    Cons: All apps force close at some point, touch screen fails occasionally, phone blacks out and resets, more difficult to root, battery life is terrible, likes to do things like it has a mind of its own..and out of spite >.>

    Weeelllll, unless you plan on rooting this phone forsure, STAY AWAY! Save yourself from this pain.

  • Owenf

    Lag problems,
    touch screen problems…
    batteries suck, now it’s overheating all the time and I constantly have to watch it while I’m charging it so the batteries don’t fry.
    Turns on and off by itself.
    Like honestly… I’m about to throw this phone to the dam wall….

  • marisolrios


  • darrian

    I hate this phone! It always freezes it always presses buttons by its self the screen never works I thought it was just the phone so I ordered a new one and its all the phones my friend had it to and did the same shit to him ! This phone sucks and can’t wait to get a new phone I will never ever recommend this phone to anyone!