T-Mobile Removing Flexpay Option, Bringing Deposits Back

There is little question that some sweeping changes may come about as T-Mobile begins its company-wide turnaround especially in light of recent quarterly numbers. One of the first steps taken to begin that process is to eliminate Flexpay across the board. It is our understanding that Flexpay never quite took off as T-Mobile hoped and given that, we aren’t surprised that it’s finally being retired.

As we stated back in the middle of February, the downside is that with the cancellation of Flexpay, T-Mobile will again implement a deposit based system requiring the already standard credit check. As you can see in the image above, deposits will come in $50, $100, $200, $400 options based on credit class. One major exception is that customers who are required to leave a deposit for service will not be able to take advantage of the equipment installment plan should that option be available to you.

There you have it, Flexpay out, Deposit Product in. Any questions?

On a side note, if things have been a little slow around here lately I’ve been out of town for the past 3 days taking what I believe is a well deserved little vacation. Thankfully, I didn’t miss much going down in the T-Mobile world, but that is also unfortunate because we love T-Mobile happenings! Big thanks to @TmoNews_Kick13 and @TmoNews_Andrew for keeping a watchful eye on everything in my absence!

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  • Monkey_Chunks

    I will say this. Flexpay is the best thing I have come across in such a time as these. I am financially unstable and unable to always pay on time. Now, if I am unable to pay my phone will get turned off but I can still add minutes in order to use it so I am not going totally without. On top of that, if I can pay it a week after it is turned off I do not have to pay for the time I did not use.

    That is the only good thing I can say… well, could have said about T-Mobile. Other than that, I wish I had a different carrier.