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He’s At It Again: T-Mobile CEO John Legere Tweets Simple Choice Is Bringing Over AT&T Customers

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At this point, if you’re on Twitter, a fan of T-Mobile and by extension TmoNews and not following T-Mobile’s CEO then stop whatever you are doing and go find @john_legere. The man just loves stirring up trouble as a new tweet hints that AT&T switchers are up “3-fold” since the launch of the company’s Simple Choice and Uncarrier offerings.

T-Mobile kicked off Phase I of their Uncarrier/Simple Choice world takeover all the way back in March and while we won’t know exactly what kind of impact it has on the company for some time, Legere is hinting that he likes the direction.

T-Mobile is set to report their first quarterly numbers as a publicly traded company on August 8th and we’ll hopefully find some expanded detail on points like the one Legere mentions here. Until then, it’s good to see that the company’s plans are working well enough for the CEO to publicly brag on social media. In fact, it’s Legere’s bragging altogether that just makes this all the more fun.


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