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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt Spotted Using Upcoming Moto X Smartphone

Business Leaders Meet In Sun Valley, Idaho For Allen And Co. Annual Conference

There’s no shortage of times when its good to be the boss and Eric Schmidt reminds us of that as he’s pictured using Motorola’s upcoming Moto X smartphone. Schmidt is attending the Allen and Co media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say he almost looks to be intentionally posing with this device.

Schmidt shows off a model with a white black, clear-as-day Motorola logo and an all black front. Think White Nexus 4 and that’s the color scheme we’re looking at with this model. The device appears to be slightly thinner on the outside with a little bulk in the middle and might just be design, or maybe that’s where the extra-long battery is hidden away.

With rumors that this device will come to all four national carriers, our attention has suddenly turned from watching the Moto X news go by to a potential welcoming back of Motorola into the T-Mobile fold. A Moto X launch on the UNcarrier would be so very welcome and help wash away any lasting bad taste that remains leftover from the launch of the Cliq, and Cliq 2 launches oh so long ago.

Variety’s Financial News Editor, Rachel Abrams attempted to extra some info on the Moto X from Schmidt who would only respond by saying “I’m not allowed to comment on the nature of this phone.”

There’s a good look at the device from multiple angles in the gallery below so check it out.


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