About Us

Welcome to T-MoNews.com! Here at T-MoNews, the unofficial T-Mobile blog, we will keep you updated on everything you need to know about T-Mobile USA.

Who are you guys?

We are mobile phone mavens. Contrary to what many think, none of us work for T-Mobile USA.

Why make TmoNews.com?

We decided to make TmoNews.com to bring great T-Mobile news to the now 33 million T-Mobile users.

What makes TmoNews.com unique?

1. First and foremost, we are the ONLY T-Mobile-geared blog on the net.

2. We get a large amount of tips from sources regarding information on upcoming phones and services.

3. We are not a big business. The website is supported by the ad content which helps us to bring you news as you expect it. Ads have no bearing on editorial content and/or freedom and we can’t be bribed to write something for your company.

4. We listen to you. We will do our best to reply to every email, every tip and while we can’t make any promises as the site grows, we will do our best to respond each and every time. Users wanted a “Rumors” page, so the Rumors page was brought back. We will listen to your advice. This site is by the users, for the users.

What can you guys promise me?

Our Promises:

  • We will bring you any and all important news regarding T-Mobile USA
  • Anything we know, you will know (just give us a couple minutes to write an article! This means only after we have confirmed something to be true.)
  • We will always listen to advice from you, and will always be working to make TMoNews better
  • TMoNews was created to bring news to users, and not to make money. Ads, if implemented in the future, will be minimal and non-intrusive.


Note to readers: TmoNews often has information before T-Mobile Customer Care Representatives, and Employees at T-Mobile stores. While we don’t think you shouldn’t inquire about products and services mentioned on TmoNews, we want you to keep in mind that unless employees read TmoNews.com, they will often not know what your talking about. This is not T-Mobile’s fault, as they keep their employees well-informed, but, only to a point, and often our sources go past that point. To sum up: Don’t expect T-Mobile employees to know what you have read on TmoNews.com.