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T-Mobile continues to upgrade Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed data


After upgrading some Simple Choice customers to unlimited high-speed smartphone data earlier this year, it looks like T-Mo is now making another round of upgrades.

Several T-Mobile customers on Simple Choice plans are receiving a text message telling them that their voice lines are being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data. There’s no extra charge for the upgrade. T-Mo says that customers receiving the upgrade will see their eligible lines get unlimited high-speed smartphone data by May 10th.

With this upgrade, you will lose your Data Stash. You’ll continue to get high-speed tethering data at your previous high-speed data allotment. For example, if your high-speed data allotment was 6GB before your unlimited upgrade, you’ll have 6GB of high-speed data tethering each month followed by unlimited tethering at 2G speeds.

If you receive this upgrade from T-Mobile, your eligible voice lines will be automatically upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data. You can opt out of the upgrade if you prefer your current plan setup, though. Just head to this page and fill out the form by April 30th.

TmoNews reader Luis received a text today saying that their Select Choice plan is being upgraded, and several customers on Reddit say that their 6GB and 10GB plans are being upgraded as well. Here’s what T-Mobile had to say about the upgrades that are rolling out:

“We have done these types of upgrades for customers before and this is just a way to say thank you for being a loyal T-Mobile customer.

“We’re upgrading select Simple Choice customers to unlimited data. Select Simple Choice customers will receive an SMS about this offer today and will see the upgrade sometime between 5/1/19 and 5/10/19. That means unlimited high-speed smartphone data at no additional cost on all their current lines.”

Have you gotten a text from T-Mobile that says you’re being upgraded to unlimited high-speed smartphone data?

Thanks, Luis!

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