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Mobile HotSpot feature to be enabled on all active T-Mobile plans from June 12

A couple of days ago, one of our sources got in touch to inform us of some pretty awesome promotions coming to T-Mobile customers this week. One of those was an increased mobile HotSpot allowance for those on qualifying plans. It turns out however, that this new HotSpot move will benefit everyone, although not all will get an increased allowance.

A communication was shared with T-Mobile staff informing them that from June 12, all “active plans” will have Smartphone Mobile Hotspot enabled. Changes will “impact Postpaid, Prepaid, Simple Choice No Credit, Business/Government Individual-Liable, and employees.” Even plans that don’t currently allow you to use your phone as a hotspot will have the feature added. That includes Simply Prepaid plans.

Perhaps of most encouragement is that caps on data allowances for Smartphone Mobile Hotspot use will be replaced by reduced speeds. What that means is that once you hit your high-speed usage limit for tethering, you’ll be able to continue to use your phone as a hotspot, but with a reduced speed. Currently, customers have the feature disabled once they hit their hotspot allowance limit.

As previously reported, some customers will also see their hotspot allowance increased by 2GB. Essentially, if you’re on an Unlimited 4G LTE plan ($80 and above), your allowance will increase.

Changes impact CURRENT UNL data plan options:

You can take a look at the community message below.

All in all these are positive changes. Customers will be able to use their phones as hotspots in a pinch when needed. Although speeds won’t be great once the allowance is hit, it’s still got to be handy having it as a last-ditch emergency backup.

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