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T-Mobile planning huge promotions this week: Free UnRadio for more customers, and higher hotspot data allowance


One of our most reliable sources came to us this week with more information on what T-Mobile has in store for us. And it seems the carrier has plenty up its sleeve during the week that the biggest headlines will undoubtedly go to Apple as it unveils its latest software at WWDC in San Francisco. And while most of this news applies directly to the next week specifically, there are some plans set to be put in place later this Spring/Summer. Some of it is big news you don’t want to miss.

JUNE 8th

We’ve been told that, from tomorrow, T-Mobile is going to start inviting more customers to sign up for its Rhapsody UnRadio for free. While we’re unsure what the requirements are for subscribers, it seems T-Mo will be texting “select individuals” to offer them a free 30-day trial of its music service. Once texted, customers will be required to follow a link in the text to redeem the offer. Like I say, I don’t know about the requirements needed. I can’t tell you how to – or even if you can – phone up and request an invite because you’re qualified somehow. If you meet the as yet unclear criteria, you’ll be texted. Once your 30 days is up, you’ll pay $4 per month for the feature, unless you cancel the subscription.

JUNE 11th

Perhaps the least inspiring move in this wave of promotions and programs is a new photography campaign. T-Mobile’s going to launch a program to help customers get the most out of their cell phone photographs and will be launching a bespoke web page to coincide with texts being sent out to customers. Not only will it guide T-Mo subscribers in how to choose the right settings to get the best shot, but also offer some kind of competition. Customers will be able to submit their photos and win a contest. I’m unclear on exactly what the promotion will be or what is up for grabs. All should become clear in 4 days time.

JUNE 12th

June 12th for me is shaping up to be the biggest of the three parts of this week’s push. In fact, in itself, it’s just the first part of a larger scheme to better comply with net neutrality laws. Or at least, that’s how it has been described to us. Customers on the Unlimited 4G LTE Simple Choice plans will see their tethering allowance increased by 2GB. For instance, customers on the $80 per month Simple Choice plan with 5GB data will see their tethering/Mobile HotSpot allowance increased to 7GB. Customers with higher HotSpot allowances will see theirs boosted by 2GB too.

What’s more, instead of being capped when they hit the limit, they’ll see their speed reduced to 128kb/s instead. Similar to the way the mobile data limit works. You’re not cut off after your limit, you’re just slowed down. Still with no overages.

Changes will be applied to existing lines as well as new ones. Sadly, if you’re on the any of the limited 4G LTE plans, you won’t be given the extra HotSpot allowance. Neither will those on the older $70 unlimited plan, at least not initially.

No changes being made to the following:

Changes impact CURRENT UNL data plan options:

The grandfathered:

As for phase two and phase three, details are sketchy to say the least. They should come at some point during June or July. We’re told T-Mobile will launch an update to its Simple Global Data program. We don’t know what, but we’ve heard suggestions that it could be the ability to use your mobile as a HotSpot when you’re abroad. That however seems a little pointless given the speeds you’re restricted to abroad. I’d hate to see how slowly full desktop sites load on a 2G/EDGE network. We’ve also been told that changes will be made to some grandfathered and legacy plans. Details haven’t been shared yet, but changes are coming.

If any of this is confirmed by T-Mobile, we’ll be sure to update you with another post or two (or three).

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