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Band 12 and VoLTE support coming to Nexus 6 this week?


Recently, Google announced that Android 5.1 was in the process of being released, bringing with it some improvements to performance as well as HD Voice calls on T-Mobile and Verizon. And, if @askdes’ Twitter account is anything to go by, Android 5.1 could be coming to the Nexus 6 this week, bringing with it a few more T-Mobile enhancements.

This is pretty awesome news for Nexus 6 owners on T-Mobile, even if it feels a little late.

As for Wi-Fi calling, as you can see from the tweet near the top of this post, that’s still being developed and seemingly taking a lot of work between T-Mobile, Android, Motorola and Qualcomm to get it working, ready for public release. Of course, T-Mo stated that it would have Wi-Fi calling on all its devices by early 2015, a time-frame which has surely slipped by. Still, I’d rather it was worked on and released fully working than a temperamental software update.

Once band 12 has been activated on the Nexus 6, people in areas where it has been activated should start experiencing much better indoor coverage. T-Mobile 700MHz airwaves penetrate building walls much better than the more traditional 1700/2100 and 1900 bands and could make the difference between needing a signal booster at home, and not needing one at all. The list of areas with active 700MHz sites is growing, some of them already showing up on T-Mobile’s new coverage map. Others are being logged on an open user-created map.

Source: Twitter

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