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I’m Bringing TmoNews YouTube Back…Starting With Some Hands-On Of The Galaxy S 4

That’s right, I’m bringing the TmoNews YouTube channel back from — wherever it’s been lately. I’m kicking things off with some content from the Galaxy S 4 unveiling and I know the videos are a few days late, but between traveling, learning iMovie, diaper changing and getting past my nerves it’s taken me a few days to get these ready. Clearly I need an intern.

Anyways, I know the videos are rough and I know I have a lot to work on, but I can promise two things:

1) I’ll get better with time
2) You’ll be seeing a lot more video, especially with each new phone release

Go easy on me, video isn’t easy to hit out of the park right away.

P.S. I know I overused the word “definite,” I blame the woman next to me who kept bumping into me with her purse. Yeah, that’s why.

P.P.S. There’s two more videos, including the full hands-on which should be up sometime tomorrow. Again, I apologize for the lateness, I won’t let delays happen again.

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