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T-Mobile Subscriber Receives Push Notification Upon Arriving in Foreign Country

To this day, many smartphone users continue to get shocked by their bills when they return home after an international trip. Most of these customers forget to disable roaming on their trip, which leads them to rack up insane charges. But it looks like T-Mobile is actually doing something to help out these customers. 

According to PhoneArena, a T-Mobile subscriber received a push notification from the T-Mobile app that led to information about roaming upon arriving in a foreign country. The app also came with a link that lead the subscriber to a site to purchase high-speed data pass for the phone number with international support. 

The link leads to a page that reads “You’re connected around the globe.” It also includes specific plan features on available data and included countries:

Some T-Mobile customers pointed out that they only received a text message upon arriving in an international destination. They did not receive the push notification, which could have helped make things clearer so they can avoid incurring roaming charges on their trip. 

Source: PhoneArena

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