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Report: Glitch Allows Select T-Mobile Devices to Be Unlocked

T-Mobile customers recently discovered a glitch that allows them to unlock their Samsung and Pixel devices. As Reddit users discovered, they can now unlock their devices. This is different from T-Mobile’s policy where you have to wait at least 40 days before unlocking the device. As a result, they have to be tied to the carrier during that time. 

But apparently, the glitch is now allowing T-Mobile users to unlock their Samsung and Pixel devices. The models that people have tried unlocking include the following:

If you want to check if your new device can be unlocked, you can go to Settings > Connections > More Connection Setting > Network Unlock > request a Temporary Unlock. After waiting, tap on Permanent Unlock on your Samsung device. If you are using a Pixel device, you can download the T-Mobile Device Unlock app to do that. 

T-Mobile has not released a statement regarding this but it’s important to point out that these devices are under T-Mo’s Equipment Installment Plans (EIP). You’ll have to be careful about unlocking a device ahead of time. 

Source: PhoneArena

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