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Viral video shows T-Mobile manager allegedly drunk at work


For years, T-Mobile has bagged the award for top notch customer service. But unfortunately, things happen that often requires corporate to step in and apologize for such situations. 

Recently, a TikTok video has gone viral showing a T-Mobile manager who appeared intoxicated at work. 

The video shows a customer calmly discussing with a T-Mobile store manager in Minnesota over the weekend. The customer came in to get assistance in connecting her watch to her iPhone. Allegedly, the manager erased the customer’s phone, making her lose all her photos, videos, and work documents. When asked about it, the manager slurred his statements and kept making confusing statements. 

The video was recorded by another customer, who isn’t related to the customer speaking to the store employee. The caption of the post reads: 

“This guy is the manager of a T-mobile store. As soon as I arrived I noticed that something was not okay. As you can see he was on something. At some point, I felt not safe. I left my modem on the counter because I was afraid of him. I was with my son and also there was another teenager at the store. This lady lost every picture of her granddaughter’s birth and so many things she had on her phone. luckily that lady took my modem out of the store and I was able to return it to another store.”

Some who commented on the video believe the manager may be drunk or impaired. And according to The T-Mo Report, a higher up of the said store is already looking into the situation. A separate video (already deleted) was shared on TikTok that shows the same employee appearing intoxicated again. Police have been alerted regarding the matter. 

As pointed out by The T-Mo Report, the store is a previous Sprint location and is now operating as a third-party store. Hopefully, T-Mobile makes a statement on this since its brand is connected in the issue. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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