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T-Mobile lands first on umlaut and Ookla’s latest study

And once again, T-Mobile proves itself as the 5G leader in the country. 

Earlier this week, umlaut and Ookla both released the results of their individual studies where T-Mo landed the top spot. 

In umlaut’s 5G Network Performance Audit Report, T-Mo was named as the most reliable 5G network with the best 5G coverage and fastest active 5G download and upload speeds. This is the Un-carrier’s third consecutive time to top the results of the report. Based on the findings of the report, T-Mo maintained its lead over its rival networks for 5G reliability, download speed, upload speed, and coverage.  

Aside from umlaut’s findings, Ookla also presented its Speedtest Global Index Market Analysis United States Q3 2022 report where T-Mo placed first in almost each category. The Un-carrier managed to win the titles of the fastest overall provider, fastest upload speeds, highest consistency and best overall video score. They also ranked first for 5G download speeds and 5G availability.

In response to these new reports, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, said: 

“We built our nationwide 5G network to provide customers with better connectivity and an experience they can always rely on T-Mobile has proven time and time again the standout benefits our nationwide 5G network offers through speed, reliability and coverage, and these reports are just another example of the work we’re doing to provide the best network experience in the country — and we’re not slowing down.”

You can read more about the finding on these two reports here.

Source: T-Mobile

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