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T-Mobile partners up with Apple to bring solutions to small businesses

Earlier today, T-Mobile revealed the big news that it had partnered up with Apple for an exclusive plan for Business Essentials. With this new plan, small business owners in the country get all the tools they need so their employees can stay connected. 

With the growing number of new business applications in the country, T-Mobile and Apple wish to help small business owners as they go through the challenge of running a business for the first time. And the best way they plan to do this is by offering an all-in-one plan that features 5G connectivity, 24/7 support, device management, secure cloud storage and backup, and many more. 

As a result, the two companies have come up with Ultimate+ for iPhone: an exclusive plan for small businesses that includes the following:

The best part about this is that Ultimate+ for iPhone plan only costs $50 per month per line, with six or more lines. 

In its announcement, T-Mobile shared one customer who is already using Apple Business Essentials. El Paso, Texas’ Vertical-One chief operations officer, Nick Dominguez Jr. shared his experience with the plan:

 “We’re a family-owned business and we always focus on our people. We want to give them the best products so they can do their best work. Apple products have enabled our growth throughout the years and T-Mobile’s 5G network makes a world of a difference, for example when we hotspot in the field from iPhone to MacBook. Apple Business Essentials has changed the game for us, with iCloud backups, and the ability to service quick repairs when we need them. It gives us freedom since we spend less time doing IT and more time developing our business.”

If you are a small business owner, you can add Apple Business Essentials to a few existing lines for $2.99 per month. T-Mobile is coming up with an a la carte option that can be used for free until the end of the year. You can learn more about this here.

Source: T-Mobile

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