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T-Mobile unveils new Coverage Beyond service 

Yesterday, T-Mobile revealed that they are getting ready for a new Un-carrier event. The announcement did not include any hint on what the latest Un-carrier move will be.

The event has taken place today and we’re learning of T-Mo’s new Coverage Beyond – a service that will keep customers connected while they are traveling. In its announcement, T-Mobile shared that Coverage Beyond allows customers to stay connected and save money “even when they’re outside the signal of our network abroad and in the air.” 

This announcement comes at a perfect time, especially since people are starting to travel once again. And with the current rate of inflation, it makes sense to do your best to save what you can. And this is where T-Mobile steps into the picture. 

Starting June 21st, T-Mobile will launch Coverage Beyond. The wireless provider has highlighted how this service will benefit customers once it launches: 

You can read more about Coverage Beyond here.

Source: T-Mobile

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