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T-Mobile increases support charge fees by $5

It looks like T-Mobile is increasing its Assisted Support Charge (ASC) and Upgrade Support Charge (USC). These charges are similar to standard activation fees that other carriers charge. 

ASC is a charge for new account sign-ups or when a new line is added to an account. Meanwhile, USC is a fee that T-Mobile charges to customers who require assistance in upgrading their phones. 

The T-Mo Report was able to get their hands on a document that details the increase in these support charges. Each support charge is getting an increase of $5, which means they will now cost $35. To note, the last time that T-Mo raised these fees was about a year ago. 

Naturally, customers won’t be too happy about the increase. But as the publication shared, there is a way to avoid those fees. And that is to place your orders through T-Mo’s website or the app. But it’s important to know that the site and app aren’t always reliable. And if you’re someone who prefers an actual person for assistance, you’ll likely opt for that method instead. 

The increase in support charges will take effect starting June 2nd. 

Source: The T-Mo Report

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