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T-Mobile’s rolls out firmware update to Nokia Home Internet Gateway


T-Mobile’s Nokia Home Internet Gateway device is getting a new firmware update!

This was recently reported by The T-Mo Report after Redditors first noticed the latest 1.2103.00.0338 rollout in the last few weeks. The official firmware updates page of the wireless carrier also confirms the rollout of this latest update. 

T-Mo says that this latest firmware update comes with unspecified “security and stability improvements.” There is also a new feature included called “deep factory reset.” When used, this will allow full factory reset through the reset button found on the device.  

According to the report, this is a “full” reset compared to a standard reset; which will be helpful in times when the device does not respond to the latter. And as it turns out, this is a problem that typically occurs on the Nokia gateway. 

On Reddit, some users have shared how the deep reset feature has helped them with their device issues. But some users also commented that the update has reduced their speeds and increased latency. 

To activate the “deep” reset feature, you simply have to press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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