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T-Mobile offering free Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+


Earlier today, Samsung held its Unpacked event where they launched the much anticipated Galaxy S22 series. Shortly after the event, T-Mobile revealed that they will be hosting an exclusive live event at 8am PST. 

This took everyone by surprise since wireless carriers don’t usually host an event without prior notice. But considering the recent launch, Phone Arena couldn’t help but think that this would be related to Samsung’s launch. 

And true enough, T-Mobile’s Des Smith gave a first look at the new Galaxy S22 series in the live unboxing video. This is the first time ever that T-Mobile (or any carrier for that matter) did something like this. Along with unboxing these phones, the Un-carrier also revealed their promotions for the latest Samsung devices. You can watch the unboxing video here, which just ended a few minutes ago.

As for their promotions, here is a short summary at what T-Mo is offering:

“A lot of people are taking time to reevaluate things… and that shouldn’t include your wireless provider. You shouldn’t have to compromise. And at T-Mobile you don’t,” said Mike Sievert, T-Mobile CEO. “The Un-carrier delivers the industry’s leading 5G network and the industry’s leading value — a family of four can save up to $1,000 a year. And the Galaxy S22 5G lineup on T-Mobile unleashes your potential for wherever 2022 takes you.”

You can learn more about T-Mo’s Samsung Galaxy S22 series promotion here


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