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T-Mobile has a new TVision HUB device for sale


Back in April, T-Mobile shut down its TVision service after only being operational for 6 months. Despite shutting down the service, the Un-carrier launched a “TVision HUB” device that was actually a Google TV device that came with a light custom skin and features specific to its defunct TVision service. And today, T-Mobile revealed a new TVision HUB device on their website. 

This was spotted by The T-Mo Report, who found the device on T-Mobile’s website. According to the report, the new TVIsion HUB device comes as an HDMI dongle in the shape of a hockey puck. It is largely similar to the Google TV dongle with a new remote. Only this time, it comes with a TVision HUB Google TV Kit branding. 

When you open the TVision HUB page, you’ll see the new device displayed. And as noted in the report, T-Mobile seems to be shifting the brand from a streaming service into a streaming device. The page shows the different services that are available at a discount to T-Mobile customers. This includes the classic Netflix subscription, Philo, YouTube TV, and Paramount Plus. 

In addition to a brand new remote, there are dedicated buttons for TVision, YouTube, Netflix, and Google Assistant. The device also comes with a Micro USB power port and a USB-C port. 

Right now, there’s not much information available about this device. The only thing reported about it is that it was manufactured by the same company as the first TVision HUB device. But if you are interested in getting one, you can head over to T-Mobile’s website to buy it for $49.99. Or you can get it at EIP over 12 months at $4.17 per month. 


Source: The T-Mo Report

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