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T-Mobile shares Q3 2021 earnings report


Earlier today, T-Mobile reported its third quarter financial earnings for the year. And despite a rough quarter, T-Mobile earned a total revenue of $19.6 billion and a record-high service revenue of $14.7 billion. In addition to this, the Un-carrier reported adding 1.3 million customers during the quarter, making their total subscriber count reach 106.7 million. 

In the earnings call, T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert shared the new internet service of T-Mobile that recently had a price drop. It also now primarily relies on 5G. During Q3, the service experienced record growth with over 500,000 subscribers. This is likely because of its attractive pricing and the mid-band spectrum of Sprint. 

Meanwhile, T-Mobile’s mid-band spectrum has led T-Mobile’s 5G network to expand its coverage. Today, over 109 million individuals are covered in the country with flagship devices. 

But despite a positive earnings call, the T-Mobile executive couldn’t help but address the August cyberattack. The incident exposed the information of millions of its customers. Sievert shared that the forensics team has already closed the investigation. In its place, the Un-carrier opened a Cyber Transformation Office, which he spearheads. Sievert shares that the company now has a “security-forward mindset.”

The executive also talked about the upcoming 3G shutdown, which has been pushed back to March 2022 instead of the January 2022 date. This delay will give T-Mobile more time to transition its customers.

You can read more about the call here. 


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