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T-Mobile makes changes to employee rules in Metro by T-Mobile stores, requires vaccinated staff to return


T-Mobile has revealed an important change to how it operates its Metro by T-Mobile stores. 

Starting October 1st, Metro by T-Mobile stores will have a minimum of 2 employees at all times. While this change won’t likely be felt by the larger stores, the smaller stores will have to endure a significant increase in their operating costs. 

According to NWIDA, this move may be seen as a way of encouraging smaller stores to close down. With the significant increase in costs, it could encourage small stores to shut down in order to avoid losing money. 

In the meantime, T-Mobile is pushing through with its plans to implement a deadline for unvaccinated employees to ask to continue working remotely. They are really keen on having their vaccinated employees return to the office

Tampa Bay Times recently reported that T-Mobile will only accept requests from employees to keep working remotely until October 25th. These requests will then be “approved based on their role and circumstances.” 

This makes T-Mobile different from other companies who have decided to delay office returns until next year. But as a way of ensuring that its employees stay safe, T-Mobile has limited access to its Factoria offices and other “badge-controlled” facilities to employees that have been vaccinated only. 

“Because we’re taking this big step to ensure your safety at our offices, I’m also urging employees to stick to our planned September 20 or earlier date for returning to the office with your flexible resident or hybrid schedule,” T-Mobile CEO, Mike Sievert, said. “Our spaces are open and ready for you, and it is time to come back regularly.”


Source: NWIDA, Tampa Bay Times

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