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T-Mobile waives charges in line with ongoing events in Afghanistan


T-Mobile has released a new statement with regards to the events taking place in Afghanistan, especially for its customers. 

During this difficult and uncertain time, T-Mobile hopes to be instrumental in helping its customers get in touch with their family and friends in Afghanistan. And in lieu of this, T-Mobile announced that it will be waiving international long-distance charges for calls and texts between Afghanistan and the U.S.

This means that all of its customers will get to make free international long-distance calls and texts between the two countries under these brands: 

In addition to that, T-Mo will be waiving international roaming, data and SMS fees on calls and texts between the two countries for both T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid customers. Customers with plans that charge by the megabyte will receive a credit on their account. 

These will be waived starting August 24th until September 6th. If you have a question about your service, you may call 611 or 1-800-937-8997 from your phone.


Source: T-Mobile

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