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T-Mobile continues “If 5G Were…” series with Super Bowl’s experience


Earlier today, T-Mobile’s President of Technology, Neville Ray, released a blog post where he talked about 5G and what real broad and deep 5G can do. The CEO explained how the real 5G network was fully experienced at last Sunday’s Super Bowl. This was when T-Mobile made permanent upgrades to its network throughout the Tampa Bay area. 

The executive also shared that the stadium had an average 5G speed of 1Gbps over the weekend. And for those who didn’t have access to 5G, the fastest LTE speeds were also from T-Mobile. There was 40% more traffic nationwide compared to last year’s Super Bowl. And during the Big Game, customers with 5G devices used 25% more data compared to other customers. 

A research firm called umlaut also managed to measure the 5G experience from Tampa last week. They discovered that T-Mobile was fastest and that its Ultra Capacity 5G download speeds were over 1.6x faster than the typical 5G speeds from its rivals. The firm also found that Ultra Capacity 5G was available in almost half of all samples. Meanwhile, Verizon’s Ultra Wideband network could be found less than half of one percent of the time. 

With these numbers, T-Mobile is able to add to its “If 5G Were…” series. This is a series of comparisons that depict the difference in 5G wireless networks using ordinary things. In the second installment, T-Mobile used ice sculptures to demonstrate the difference between its 5G network and Verizon’s. 

The ice sculptures are part of an exhibit at the Improv-ICE festival at Rochester, MN. T-Mobile’s ice sculpture has a height of 5×3 feet, while Verizon’s stood only 2×2 feet. 

According to the CEO, the 5G network experienced over the weekend at Tampa Bay is just a start. This is exactly the same 5G experience they are rolling out throughout the country.


Source: T-Mobile

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