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T-Mobile showing interest in 2.5GHz spectrum auction


One of the reasons why T-Mobile decided to merge with Sprint is so it could expand its 5G network with Sprint’s spectrum. As revealed today, it looks like there is an extra 2.5GHz spectrum being sold in the market. And according to reports, T-Mobile wants to obtain this too.  

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be holding an open meeting agenda on Wednesday where they would be seeking comment on bidding procedures for Auction 108. This refers to the 2.5GHz spectrum originally set aside to be used by educational institutions thirty years ago. 

According to an ex parte filing, T-Mobile’s VP of Government Affairs, Technology and Engineering Policy, Steve Sharkey, was already able to speak with the legal advisor of Commissioner Nathan Simington. The conversation followed previous correspondence between the two with Sharkey showing interest to acquire the 2.5GHz spectrum via an auction. The T-Mo CEO shared that T-Mobile was able to roll out its 2.5GHz spectrum rapidly, thanks to its merger with Sprint. 

T-Mobile was reportedly convincing the FCC to hold an auction for the spectrum through a simultaneous multi-round (SMR) format. According to T-Mo, this format will be good for competitive bidding and be inclusive for smaller parties. For its part, the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) hopes to see a single-round, sealed bid auction format. This association represents the smaller WISPs throughout the country. 


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