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Red Rose Transit commuters in Lancaster now have access to T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi


T-Mobile has partnered with Red Rose Transit (RRTA) buses in Lancaster, Pennsylvania to provide free mobile Wi-Fi service to its passengers. This is an initiative of the city to transform Lancaster into a more connected city. In the process, it paves the way for a better experience for the thousands of commuters the buses accommodate on a daily basis. 

As revealed in the release, the entire fleet of buses of RRTA are now equipped with Wi-Fi hotspots to those in the city of Lancaster and Lancaster County. Through these hotspots, commuters have access to T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G network so they can stay connected while they are on the road.

According to RRTA’s Executive Director, David Kilmer: “We feel this will be a great addition to our services and a real benefit for our riders. It will certainly make riding the bus even more convenient and productive.”  

T-Mobile’s Vice President of Small Town Rural and Emerging Markets, John Stevens, also shared this in a statement:

“You’ve been asking for it, and we heard you, Lancaster — whether you’re traveling from Elizabethtown or New Holland, you’ll have access to the internet along your bus route, so you can stay connected and enjoy the ride. Connected public transportation is another step towards making the city of Lancaster an even smarter city. We’re excited to partner with RRTA on this journey!” 

Senator Ryan Aument (R-36) also joined in on the announcement and shared how he appreciated the RRTA’s “willingness to be responsive to those they serve by hearing requests to add Wi-Fi to buses and acting swiftly to accommodate those requests.” 

This partnership will, indeed, pave the way for the future of commuting.

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