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T-Mobile says educational app usage continues to grow as it helps students get connected


T-Mobile has been providing weekly updates on how its customers are using the network as they continue to work from home, and today we got some more info from T-Mo.

Neville Ray, T-Mobile’s president of technology, reports that tethering usage is up 57% among T-Mobile customers and 70% among Spring subscribers. Usage of food delivery apps, gaming apps, video streaming, messaging and calling is up significantly overall, ranging from 30% to more than doubling in usage.

Usage of educational apps is way up again this week, too. In total, people are using these apps 148% more as kids continue to get their schooling done while quarantining at home.

Looking specifically at New York City, use of educational apps is up a whopping 268% since the beginning of March. That’s not the only way that T-Mo is helping kids in NYC get their schooling done, though, because Mike Katz, EVP of T-Mobile for Business, said this week that T-Mo is working to get LTE connectivity on iPads for more than 300,000 students in NYC.

T-Mobile also recently got students in a Seattle school district connected with 850 hotspots, and in San Francisco, the 1Million Project Foundation is lighting up Wi-Fi hotspots starting this week.

In total, T-Mobile and Sprint have helped to connect more than 500,000 students across 800 schools over the past month.

Sources: Neville Ray, Mike Katz

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