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T-Mobile will support Sprint’s 1Million Project if merger gets approval


After promising to add jobs with five new Customer Experience Centers post-merger, including in Overland Park where Sprint is headquartered, T-Mobile has now made another Sprint-focused pledge related to the merger.

T-Mobile has said that, if its merger with Sprint is approved, it’ll continue supporting the 1Million Project. This foundation is Sprint’s effort to help one million high school students to get connected by giving them mobile devices like smartphones, mobile hotspots, and tablets along with free Sprint mobile service for up to four years in high school. This includes 3GB of LTE data each month and unlimited calls and texts.

Sprint CEO Michel Combes recently said that the 1Million Project has connected 200,000 high school students.

“New T-Mobile’s commitment to bridging the digital divide is further illustrated by its pledge to continue supporting Sprint’s signature corporate philanthropy — the 1Million Project,” T-Mobile said in its filing with the Public Service Commission of New York.

This is T-Mobile’s latest effort to build support for its proposed merger with Sprint, which is still subject to review by regulators. T-Mo recently vowed to create 5,600 American care jobs by building five new Customer Experience Centers and expanding two existing centers. And today, T-Mobile pledged to keep legacy T-Mo and Sprint plans around for three years post-merger in response to opponents of the deal who say that it’ll result in higher prices for consumers.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere and Sprint Executive Chairman Marcelo Claure will have to support their merger in person soon, as they’ve both agreed to testify at a hearing on February 13 being held by the House Committee on Energy & Commerce and the House Judiciary Committee.

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Source: New York State Department of Public Service

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