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T-Mobile raising Simple Global roaming calling price, also adding new supported countries


Heads up, international travelers, because T-Mobile is making some changes to its Simple Global roaming feature.

T-Mobile is raising the cost per minute for calls within and between Simple Global countries and destinations as well as from Simple Global countries back to the U.S. Beginning on your first new bill cycle after July 31st, these calls will cost $0.25 per minute, which is an increase of $0.05 per minute.

As for why T-Mo is upping the price of Simple Global calling, here’s what the carrier had to say:

“It is necessary to update our calling rates from time to time. We still offer one of the most competitive pay per use abroad rates in the industry with Simple Global included in your plan. We work hard to minimize the frequency and impact of these changes.”

The good news is that T-Mobile is also expanding the number of Simple Global countries and destinations. On July 22nd, the number of Simple Global countries and destinations will grow from 154 to more than 200.

Here’s the full list of countries that’ll be included with Simple Global once July 22nd rolls around:

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Source: T-Mobile

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