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T-Mobile Galaxy Note 8 deliveries begin for pre-order customers


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 doesn’t officially launch until September 15th, but some T-Mobile customers are receiving their units today.

TmoNews readers irish munky, JP, and Motty all received their Galaxy Note 8s today. irish munky says that they pre-ordered their phone on August 31st and got overnight shipping. Several folks on Reddit have gotten their Note 8s today, too, including user CT_Rider, whose Note 8 you can ogle below.

While not every Note 8 pre-order customer is receiving their phone today, several T-Mo subscribers are checking their tracking info and finding that their device will be delivered by the end of this week.

T-Mobile has a history of shipping pre-order units of high-profile devices early, so it’s no surprise to see the Galaxy Note 8 hitting buyers’ doorsteps more than a week before the official launch. That doesn’t mean it’s not exciting, though, because these lucky folks get to play with one of 2017’s most highly anticipated phones before most of the general public.

If you pre-ordered a Galaxy Note 8, has it been delivered already? And if so, what are your first impressions of the new Samsung flagship?

Thanks, irish munky, David, Angel, John, Mr P, JP, and Motty!

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