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FCC announces 600MHz spectrum auction clearing target, bidding round schedule


It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news regarding the 600MHz spectrum auction, but today the FCC made a big announcement regarding the auction.

The FCC said today that it has set an initial spectrum clearing target of 126 MHz, adding that under the band plan associated with the spectrum clearing target 100 MHz (or 10 paired blocks) of licensed spectrum will be offered on a near-nationwide basis.

Here’s what FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler had to say about the FCC’s announcement:

“Robust broadcaster participation is key to the success of the Incentive Auction. Today’s announcement reflects the voluntary decision by many broadcasters that this auction truly is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The 126 MHz initial clearing target ensures that wireless carriers and other forward auction bidders have their chance to compete for the maximum amount of low-band ‘beachfront’ spectrum. The wireless industry has said it needs additional spectrum to meet growing customer demand and usher in the age of 5G. The broadcasters have stepped up and done their part to fulfill that demand.

“I look forward to a robustly competitive auction and the vast economic and consumer benefits that await.”

The FCC also detailed the time and dates for its mock auction and for the reverse auction bidding rounds:

Mock auction

May 25

May 26

Bidding rounds

May 31

June 1

June 2 (and until further notice)

Considering how long we’ve been hearing about this spectrum auction, it’s exciting to see that we’re finally nearing its start. T-Mobile will have billions to spend to get the spectrum that it wants, including some extra cash from Deutsche Telekom, so they’re going into the auction prepared. Only about one more month before the bidding actually gets underway!

Via: FierceWireless
Sources: FCC (1), (2)

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