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T-Mobile’s second Super Bowl ad has Steve Harvey poking fun at Miss Universe flub

Drake’s not the only big name that T-Mobile got for its Super Bowl 50 commercials.

T-Mobile’s second Super Bowl ad just aired on television, and it’s simultaneously gone live on YouTube. The commercial goes after Verizon again for its colorful balls ad — the same one that T-Mo’s #BallBusterChallenge is targeting — and it’s got Steve Harvey touting that T-Mobile has doubled its LTE coverage in the last year and that it has more LTE towers than Verizon. The ad is a reference to Harvey’s blunder at the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, at which he announced the wrong name when revealing the winner.

T-Mo’s second Super Bowl 50 ad is a clever one, combining its current ad campaign with a well-known recent event. What makes it even better is that Steve Harvey himself is in the ad and that he’s able to laugh about the whole Miss Universe thing.

So now that we’ve seen both of T-Mobile’s Super Bowl 50 ads, which do you like better? You can check out the Drake ad — the same 60-second clip that’ll air during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 50 — below.

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