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MetroPCS getting its own versions of Music Freedom and Binge On


Hot on the heels of T-Mobile’s Binge On announcement, T-Mo is showing some love to its MetroPCS customers.

MetroPCS is adding Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer features starting November 19. Think of these like the Metro equivalents of Music Freedom and Binge On, with the former letting you stream music without tapping into your monthly data allotment, and the latter optimizing video to play at DVD quality and watch “up to 3 times more” video.

Music Unlimited includes more than 30 music streaming services, including Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, Slacker, iHeart Radio, and Google Play Music. The full list of services can be found here. Music Unlimited is available to new and existing MetroPCS customers on Metro’s new $40, $50, and $60 unlimited plans.

Meanwhile, Data Maximizer optimizes the video being streamed to your smartphone, saving you data and letting you watch up to 3 times more video. As with Binge On, video will be streamed at DVD (480p) quality. Note that Data Maximizer doesn’t include unlimited free streaming like Binge On. Data Maximizer is included on all data plans.

In addition to gaining Music Unlimited and Data Maximizer, MetroPCS is also getting some tweaked rate plans. The $40 single line plan will include 3GB of high-speed data (up from 2GB), while the $50 single line plan is getting bumped to 5GB (up from 4GB). Meanwhile, Metro’s unlimited plan is getting an increased mobile hotspot allotment, going from 6GB per month to 8GB.

Here’s how the new single line plans break down:

And here’s how the new family plans look:

These are big additions for MetroPCS. Music Unlimited appears to be just like T-Mobile’s Music Freedom, which means Metro customers will be able to stream as many tunes as they’d like. Lots of folks today use streaming as their main source of music, so the addition of Music Unlimited is sure to make some Metro users happy. Meanwhile, Data Maximizer can help save you some data to watch even more video than normal. And then there are the new plans, many of which offer more LTE data each month. And I think we can agree that more LTE data is a good thing.

Music Unlimited, Data Maximizer, and the new rate plans will all be available starting November 19.

Source: T-Mobile

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