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T-Mobile Extended Range LTE now in Orange County, LA, Austin, and Washington, DC


Recently T-Mobile has made a few announcements about its Extended Range LTE going live in markets like Miami, Fresno, and Houston. Now T-Mo has opened the Extended Range LTE floodgates, revealing many new markets in which the 700MHz coverage is now live.

According to T-Mobile, the Extended Range LTE service is now live in Orange County, Los Angeles, Austin, and Washington, DC, as well as some Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. Here are the specific areas in which T-Mo says its Extended Range LTE is now live:

Extended Range LTE uses 700MHz spectrum to push T-Mobile’s LTE coverage over farther distances that its other LTE airwaves, and it’s also better at penetrating buildings. With T-Mobile’s goal of having Extended Range LTE in more than 350 markets by year’s end, it’s not a surprise to see an aggressive rollout of the service, but it’s still pretty exciting.

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