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T-Mobile named ‘Fastest Mobile Network’ by Speedtest app maker Ookla


The past week has been a good one for T-Mobile, including solid Q2 2015 numbers, a J.D. Power Wireless Customer Case award, and taking the No. 3 US carrier spot from Sprint. And now the week has gotten even better.

Ookla, makers of the popular app, has named T-Mobile the fastest mobile network in the US. The reports shows T-Mobile with an average LTE download speed of 19.62Mbps and an average upload of 9.90Mbps, beating out Verizon with 18.52Mbps/7.27Mbps, AT&T with 14.61Mbps/6.04Mbps, and Sprint with 10.44/4.12Mbps. Here’s what Ookla had to say about T-Mobile’s network:

T-Mobile has poured money into LTE network upgrades recently, and the work shows. Its “wideband LTE,” which improves LTE speeds without requiring new handsets, now covers 185 markets. The carrier is strongest in the urban Northeast and in Western cities.

To determine the winner of the title “Fastest Mobile Network,” Ookla gathered results from the more than 5 million speed tests and averaged the results from each user and device in particular locations in an effort to improve accuracy and reduce bias from repeated tests. Ookla also explains that it focused exclusively on LTE for its mobile network testing because if it included non-LTE tests, the results could be biased toward networks with older, non-LTE devices.

T-Mobile has put a lot of work into expanding its LTE network, which covers 290 million people, and also rolling out Wideband LTE for increased bandwidth and higher data speeds. This Ookla award shows that T-Mobile’s efforts are paying off, and it helps to make an already good week for T-Mobile even better.

What kind of network speeds are you getting in your part of the country?

Source: Ookla

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