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T-Mobile iPhone 6 pricing announced, both models from $0 down


T-Mobile today finally announced the pricing for its iPhone 6. It’ll stock both models of the new Apple smartphone, and will sell them both from $0 down. T-Mo, in its typical Uncarrier mentality, has made pricing really simple. The down payment is based on the storage capacity and not screen size. So, your 16GB iPhone 6 will be the same down payment as 16GB iPhone 6 plus.

Of course, your monthly payments will be a little higher on EIP if you go for the iPhone 6 plus. You’re looking at paying about $4.17 extra per month if you opt for the 5.5-inch version.

Full pricing details below:

For all you number boffins out there that means the full retail price for the devices is as follows:

So pricing is pretty much in line with the full retail price you’d pay buying it directly through Apple (give or take a few cents).

Both devices will be available to pre-order on T-Mobile’s online store from tomorrow, and will be available to buy in store and online from September 19.

Which model are you guys planning to pick up, now that you know pricing?

Source: T-Mobile

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