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Uncarrier 5.0 rumor predicts simplified pricing inclusive of tax


Uncarrier 5.0 is upon us. On June 18th, T-Mobile’s set to use an event in its home city of Seattle to announce the next phase of its industry-changing plans. And a rumor published by PhoneArena purports that T-Mo is set to – yet again – remove a customer pain point by drastically changing the way it works out your monthly bill.

Currently, in the market – as all of you are aware – your $70 postpaid plan doesn’t total out at $70. There are other taxes and fees involved, which vary in cost depending on State. Something you will be completely used to by now. Just like you were used to subsidized handsets, 24-month contracts and international roaming costs.  If the speculation is right, T-Mobile could start including all fees and taxes within the stated monthly rate. If you’re on a $70 per month plan, that’s all it will cost.

This rumor certainly goes along the same lines as previous changes: Being an accepted, but frustrating part of the mobile industry in the U.S. But it is worth taking the usual pinch of salt. We haven’t heard anything to deny or confirm any of this so far. But I have to say, I would not be surprised. It’s typical Uncarrier in style. Also, when you consider the $10 price bump of the Simple Choice unlimited plan, although other perks are now included in the deal like international calling and a higher tethering allowance, $80 per month over $70 would certainly give T-Mo some leeway in soaking up taxes and fees.

Would you be up for this? Can T-Mobile easily tackle the logistics? Also, if you have any further information to share on Uncarrier 5.0, email

Source: PhoneArena

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