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Check out Sprint’s new offer, seem familiar?


Yesterday, it was revealed that Sprint would be offering customers a chance to earn up to $650 to switch to its Framily plan. Sound familiar? It should. It’s pretty much a term-for-term copy of T-Mobile’s Uncarrier 4.0 “Contract Freedom” phase. But, unlike Tmo’s offer, it’s only for a limited time between April 4th and May 8th.

Sprint will give customers up to $300 service credit for trading in their old phone with Sprint Buyback. To make up the rest of the $650, customers will receive up $350 to pay off the ETF on their current contract in form of a Prepaid Credit Card. And – while you may be tempted to think T-Mobile customers are exempt since they technically don’t have early termination fees, Sprint is also offering to pay off up to $350 of your EIP.

It requires customers to port in their numbers like T-Mobile. And requires users hand in their final bill, like T-Mobile.

In almost every way possible, this is a carbon copy of T-Mobile’s offer. Except it’s just temporary. And, if that isn’t proof that Sprint’s running out of ideas, they opted for a purple/magenta backdrop on the advertising. I think someone’s having an identity crisis…

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