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Kyocera Hydro XTRM With T-Mobile Branding Leaks On Twitter


Say hello to the Kyocera Hydro XTRM (extreme), a newly discovered T-Mobile branded device that outed on Twitter by our friend @evleaks. A quick Google search yields the Hydro XTRM as a smartphone for the rugged lifestyle, thanks to its waterproof and dust-proof build.

The Hydro XTRM also features:

All in all, the Hydro XTRM looks to be a fairly decent mid-range device and when you add Jelly Bean/LTE connectivity, it may be a phone T-Mobile can use to capitalize on the B2B market. Rugged devices have always lingered on the edge, but there’s a definite audience of folks who can use a device that will hold to up while working in the toughest of conditions. Performance isn’t likely to be the selling point of a device like this, instead, it’s outdoor capabilities paired with durability will be the biggest reasons to consider this Kyocera smartphone.

No word on price or release date. More info at Kyocera’s website. 


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