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T-Mobile Highlights “There’s A Better Way To Do Prepaid”

T-Mobile’s newest blog post wants to highlight “There’s A Better Way To Do Prepaid.” T-Mobile wants you to know that unlike the competition, Monthly 4G customers on T-Mobile “get the best devices, fast nationwide 4G network speeds and affordable service plan prices.” It’s a brief read on T-Mobile’s lone department still pulling in net subscriber gains. T-Mobile hopes to turn around their postpaid subscriber count during the course of this year as T-Mobile’s challenger strategy unfolds — until then, Monthly 4G remains a bright star in T-Mobile’s services lineup.


Press Release:

By Mike Katz, vice president of marketing and head of prepaid

Today, consumers expect to have access to the latest 4G smartphones on a fast, nationwide 4G network – and having that access shouldn’t hinge on whether they sign a two-year contract or choose a no annual-contract (prepaid) plan.

We believe cool new products and 4G service should be available to every customer that wants them. In fact, T-Mobile’s Monthly4G plans are being adopted in record numbers – our prepaid business has doubled over the past year with the launch of Monthly4G plans and nearly 60 percent of new Monthly4G customers are using smartphones.

Customers don’t have to make compromises with T-Mobile’s Monthly4G. Unlike what our competitors offer, our Monthly4G customers get the best devices, fast nationwide 4G network speeds and affordable service plan prices.  Here’s how it works:

Device Selection
Prepaid phones on other carriers still suffer from a lack of selection, particularly of smartphones. Many of their devices force you to trade-off the best features and very few offer access to 4G. T-Mobile customers can bring ANY of our phones – including our premium smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S 4G – to pair with our Monthly4G plans.  We offer no annual contract customers the same access to our best smartphone options and the largest selection of 4G devices.

Fast 4G Experience
A mobile device can’t reach its full potential if it isn’t powered by a fast network available where and when you need it. T-Mobile’s data and web experience is twice as fast as any other prepaid carrier* and we offer our customers the best 4G experience without an annual contract by pairing Monthly4G plans with a broad selection of smartphones and services – all on America’s Largest 4G Network®.

Affordable Service Plans
Our unlimited talk, text, and Web Monthly4G plans start at $50 per month and include unlimited, worry-free data that doesn’t have a hard cap, force you to use only a limited selection of devices or result in overage fees. Customers simply choose the plan that is best for them and only pay for what they need. Monthly4G plans require no annual contract, no credit check, no hidden fees and no deposit, offering customers great value and flexibility.

Choosing a prepaid model shouldn’t mean consumers need to compromise with a cheap device or a subpar network experience.  T-Mobile’s Monthly4G is simply a better way to do prepaid.

*Speed claim based on download speeds on Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G on T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ 42 Mbps network vs. competitors’ prepaid phones and networks.

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