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An update on the Untethered Podcast

Hello, all!

First things first. I’m here to extend an apology to you all. As you all probably know, we haven’t held an Untethered Podcast since December 29th. Sorry about that. Personally, I was moving across the state and trying to pack and prep for CES within a matter of two days. The next week, David and I were both at CES and constantly in search of a working Internet connection and outlet.

Needless to say, the logistics have been a mess as of late.

Last week, we were met with a decision to make. The first three episodes of the Untethered Podcast were amazing. We had an awesome turnout – much larger than we had initially imagined – and hope to grow that in future episodes. However, the way we were doing things and how it turned out, production-wise, was not what we were hoping for. We want more user interaction and a lot of things we haven’t had in prior shows. In other words, we want to provide a better listener experience and better show for you guys.

For now, we’ve decided to regroup and work a few things out before we hold another show. When we’re ready (which shouldn’t be too long, only a couple weeks at most), we will definitely let you know and will be willing to share more details about what we have coming. We hope you understand and hope to see you all tune in for the next show!


Taylor and the Untethered crew

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