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(Updated) T-Mobile, AT&T Ready Galaxy Nexus/Nexus Prime Passes Through FCC

Update: I feel compelled as I see your comments to remind everyone that passing through the FCC doesn’t guarantee a T-Mobile launch. If anything it would mean a T-Mobile compatible version would be available, it doesn’t guarantee anything. Also, for those asking the 2100 band is often omitted from FCC testing, it’s still there. 

The T-Mobile/AT&T Samsung Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus has passed through the FCC earning approval (and our excitement) for a world capable version. With every indication in the past few weeks suggesting the Nexus Prime/Galaxy Nexus will be a Verizon exclusive in the United States, a GSM version with AWS on board gives Magenta users hope. This GSM version, know as the Samsung GT-i9250 supports AT&T world bands as well as T-Mobile’s 1700 AWS band allowing for the possibility of a T-Mobile supported model.

Of course all of this is very confusing as we’ve seen leaked specs conflict with leaked specs and names conflicting with names which has led us to simply dub this the “Samsung Nexus Prime Galaxy Nexus soon to be launch on some carrier device.” It’s possible that a DROID branded model could exclusively land on Verizon and then be following up by the launch of the Galaxy Nexus as a worldwide GSM version. Still, we emphasize that is possible as we honestly can’t pinpoint anything about this phone that leads us to suspect an American carrier.

With the Samsung Unpacked event next week delayed among Samsung’s decision to find a more fitting time to launch the newest Nexus smartphone we’ll continue to keep an eye on the leaks to learn more about a T-Mobile 3G/4G model. While the debut itself is delayed Samsung hasn’t given us any reason to suspect that the actual launch and release date has been delayed so we’re just going to sit back, relax and wait for Samsung to announce a new timeframe to debut Ice Cream Sandwich on their newest Nexus phone.


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