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Samsung Galaxy S II Gets Benchmarked…Again

For many of you future Samsung Galaxy S II buyers there were (and to some extent still are) plenty of concerns expressed over the changed processor for the T-Mobile version against the AT&T and Sprint versions. Yesterday when we released the first videos and images of T-Mobile Galaxy S II variants in the wild Galaxy S II getting benchmarked there were plenty screams of joy but also  some doubts. The benchmark numbers were drastically different from the numbers found in the Canadian version of the Galaxy S II X heading to Telus thought to be the very same phone as T-Mobile is receiving.

Let’s just start first off and say we haven’t been able to verify these results independently though they come from trusted sources. Moreover, the Galaxy S II smartphones arrived in retail stores yesterday so it’s highly unlikely that within a matter of minutes these phones were hacked in some capacity to show an increased benchmark score. Still, if these scores prove to be verifiable once the smartphone is in the hands of tens of thousands of customers we imagine there were be plenty of happy buyers.

So take another look at one more video showing a Galaxy S II benchmark test along with another image showcasing one more result. Clearly there is something to all of these phones receiving these scores.

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