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Samsung Exynos Still A No Go For T-Mobile Bound Galaxy S II?

The question as to which processor Samsung and T-Mobile have chosen for the Galaxy S II has been picking at the back of our minds for quite some time now. The decision not to showcase the device at the recent Samsung event lent further credence to the rumor that Samsung and T-Mobile had opted for a processor other than the Exynos.

Well now a Samsung marketing manager has helped further the rumor that the T-Mobile version will be different. Philip Berne, Samsung’s marketing manager explains in a TechnoBuffalo video that the T-Mobile version will use a “different” 1.2GHz dual-core CPU. While there is no word from T-Mobile or Samsung as what “different means, plenty of speculation surrounds the Snapdragon 1.2 GHz dual-core Qualcomm APQ860 processor. The Qualcomm chipset supports T-Mobile’s efforts to provide HSPA+ speeds of 42Mbps inside the Galaxy S II model while the Exynos chipset would limit the device to half those speeds. I’m happy with HSPA+ 42Mbps, are you?


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