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T-Mobile Receives Windows Phone 7 4G Stickers For Future Display…Sign Of Upcoming Devices?

Windows Phone 7 fans might want to do a double take at the above image as we have what we believe is the very first piece of evidence that a 4G Windows Phone 7 device is coming to T-Mobile. T-Mobile retail stores often receive display unit stickers, graphics and images well before a phone arrives and in this case we hope a new Windows Phone 7 device is on the horizon. As you can see in the second picture there is clearly a distinguishing difference between the Windows Phone 7 stickers and 4G Windows Phone 7 stickers. As of right now the only possible Windows Phone 7 device we’ve seen rumored is the HTC Bresson. With a ridiculous 16 megapixel camera rumored we’d be perfectly content to see the Bresson arrive on T-Mobile and with 4G in tow it could be a huge winner. While stickers certainly aren’t the end all be all of leak reporting we’re certainly curious as to what is represented by the 4G sticker with a Windows Phone 7 connection.

Are 4G Windows Phone 7 devices on the T-Mobile horizon? We hope so.

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