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T-Mobile Wants The iPhone, Too

Now that AT&T’s exclusivity on the iPhone has finally ended with Verizon Wireless officially announcing the iPhone yesterday, it seems T-Mobile wants in on the iPhone as well. As you may recall, T-Mobile USA’s new CEO and President already has a relationship with Apple. Before becoming CEO of T-Mobile USA, Philipp Humm previously was CEO of T-Mobile Deutschland, where he introduced the iPhone to Germany in 2007. According to The Seattle Times, a T-Mobile spokeswoman stated, “We [T-Mobile] would be interested in offering the iPhone, but ultimately it is Apple’s decision.”

While this doesn’t even remotely confirm a T-Mobile iPhone is indeed coming, it does however confirm that Magenta is definitely trying to strike a deal with Apple. And with T-Mobile recently sending out invites to an upcoming Press Event, it definitely does raise some eyebrows. I guess that’s just wishful thinking on our part.

What say you?

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