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T-Mobile HD7 Next Victim Of “Antennagate”?

Reports are coming in that T-Mobile HD7 owners are experiencing similar reception issues to the iPhone 4 when holding their handsets in the “death grip” position. As represented in the YouTube video above, simply gripping the HTC HD7 in the hand firmly, drops the reception from four bars to one bar. While it isn’t nearly as bad as the iPhone 4, it does raise some eyebrows. The issue doesn’t seem to affect HD7 owners in good coverage areas, as much as it does in decent and poor coverage areas where it tends to worsen the conditions. I personally own an T-Mobile HD7 and I’ve noticed reception is decent in good coverage areas but I often lose service when holding the handset in low coverage areas such as my house.

Any HD7 owners out there experiencing similar reception issues?

CrunchGear Via YouTube

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