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Rumor Alert: G1 To Get Android 2.0/2.1???


Well the rumor wheel is a’turning. According to the guys over at AndroidSPIN, the G1, father of the Android device is set to get an over-the-air update to Éclair, 2.0 OR 2.1. Unfortunately, their “source” was unable to specify which version the G1 faithful would be getting.  For the moment, we’re filing this firmly away in the rumor category as we’ve yet to hear anything official about upcoming Android updates from T-Mobile herself. We’re hoping for all involved, however, that this comes to pass as it seems likely that the G1 will get some sort of update being that its life cycle is on its way to a close. If nothing else, those good fellas at XDA-Developers will keep you hacking away to give you the most out of your faithful G1.

Engadget via AndroidSPIN

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