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Behold 2 Shipping With Android 1.5

With only 11 days remaining until the expected release date of the much anticipated Samsung Behold 2, we all want to know what the specs are and most importantly what version of the Android OS will it ship with. Today, via T-Mobile Phones Blog, it looks like the Behold 2 will sadly ship out with the outdated Android OS 1.5. But not to worry, a new video from Samsung Mobile has confirmed that the Behold 2 will indeed support Android OS 2.0, that is, “when it arrives”. Hey, it’s better than being stuck with OS 1.5. Enjoy the video above and if you haven’t already, check out the Samsung Behold 2 walk-through. Don’t forget to express your thoughts in the comments!

AndroidandMe Via T-Mobile Phones Blog

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