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Behold 2 Gallery Bonanza

2009-11-02 12.50.35

The Behold 2 is a phone that should, by now, be familiar to our readers as Samsung’s first T-Mobile Android smartphone. We’ve seen pictures before of the device but live images have eluded bloggers everywhere–until now. While not much has seemingly changed from the Galaxy of which the Behold 2 is derived, this device looks ready to stand on its own. With the TouchWiz interface combined with Android users will get the best of both worlds, with a cube like interface capable of adding a little flair or the standard menu available to do that little thing called multitask. Arriving on November 18th with an expected street price of $249.99 the Behold 2 looks to capture Android marketshare on T-Mobile quickly and without mercy. I hope the latter is true because this looks like one sexy device and that’s exactly what Android on T-Mobile needs right now.

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